Monday, March 7, 2011


kenapa guna nama Hamshira?

menjadi aishah, saya tak ada sebab untuk apa yang saya buat.


bunyinya manis kan?



cik ubi said...

hamshira..yep..bes sebut2..makne ni ape?..makne hamshira?

tepianmuara said...


she-G said...

haah..nak tau gak nape guna name tu??name pen???haha..bukan nama pena eh...

resepi tu nnti akak bagi lain...akak letak link org yang buat kek tu comel2 sket..akak nyer smemeh

hamshira said...

cik ubi,

maknanya: aishah comel.

sebenarnya saya baca novel. on Afghani women. panggilan hamshira untuk gadis :)



hepp..HLS HLS~

ka she G,
nak tolong masakkan pun boleh!
nama pena! klasik sungguh.

tak ada sebab la kak.
hanya kerana.

mmuah untuk aliff dan aniq!


Bijen M. said...


hamshira said...





It’s a habit of yours to walk slowly.
You hold a grudge for years.
With such heaviness, how can you be modest?
With such attachments, do you expect to arrive anywhere?

Be wide as the air to learn a secret.
Right now you’re equal portions clay
and water, thick mud.

Abraham learned how the sun and moon and the stars all set.
He said, No longer will I try to assign partners for God.

You are so weak. Give up to Grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave
till it gets to the shore.
You need more help than you know.
You’re trying to live your life in open scaffolding.
Say Bismillah, In the Name of God,
as the priest does with a knife when he offers an animal.

Bismillah your old self
to find your real name.

Maulana Jalaludin Rumi


By Gibran

For heaven's sake, my heart, keep secret your love,
and hide the secret from those you see
and you will have better fortune.

He who reveals secrets is considered fool;
silence and secrecy are much better for him
who falls in love.

For heaven's sake, my heart, if someone asks,
"What has happened?" do not answer.
If you are asked, 'Who is she?"
Say she is in love with another.
And pretend that it is of no consequence.

For heaven's sake, my love, conceal your passion;
your sickness is also your medicine because love
to the soul is as wine in a glass- what you
see is liquid, what is hidden is its spirit.

For heaven's sake, my heart, conceal your troubles;
then, should the seas roar and the skies fall,
you will be safe.


bukan semua soalan ada jawapan kan?

awak tak follow bukan sebab awak tak sayang, kan?

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